Accidental Damage Claim Form – New iPhones

Register an Accidental Damage Claims - iPhone purchased after 1st October 2010

If your phone is not an iPhone, or if you are claiming for an iPhone purchased before 1st October 2010, please use the selector on the right to choose the correct option.
  • 8 Digits shown on your Schedule of Insurance
  • About your Mobile phone

    Please enter details about your mobile phone below
  • eg, Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson...
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  • If you have exchanged or upgraded your handset since taking out this insurance, please mail a copy receipt confirming the latest IMEI issued, for consideration to Warranty and Creditor Services, 6 Faraday Office Park, Faraday Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8QQ quoting your policy number and full name and address.
  • Accidental Damage - Claim Instructions

    Please read the following instructions:

    Please complete all sections of this claim form.

    Call us between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday on 01256 471387 and we will advise details of the action you need to take next to progress your claim.

    You must retain your SIM card, any memory cards and any accessories. We cannot guarantee to return them if they are sent in error. Also please download or retrieve any data stored on your phone as we cannot guarantee to preserve this during repair or replacement processes.

    'Find my iPhone' - if you have this activated for this handset you must switch it off before a repair or replacement can be completed by Apple. Failure to do this will delay your claim

    Details of how to do that are found here...

  • About the claim

    Please allow at least 12 working days for repairs to be dealt with. Delays may occur if parts are required to be ordered or the handset sent to Manufacturers for specialist repair work to be carried out.
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  • Please tell us where the accidental damage occurrred.
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  • About the incident

    Please provide a full description of the incident. This section must be completed by the person using the phone at the time of the incident.

    Failure to give complete information may prejudice or delay your claim
    Please check all that apply.
  • If you use a PIN or password to lock/access your handset you must advise this to enable our engineers to repair and quality check your mobile phone.

    Enter 0 if you do not have a Handset PIN.
    Please select the most approriate description of the user of the phone. If the policyholder is not the user, then the next section must also be completed.
  • About the User

    You must complete the user information when the user of the handset was/is not the policyholder.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 17.
    Please tell us how old the user of the phone equipment is in whole years, if they are under 18 - You should leave this field blank if they are over 18.
  • Declaration and consent

    I agree that the above details are true and correct in every respect, that I have not withheld any material information and understand that if a false or fraudulent claim has been made that no benefit will be payable by the insurers. I give authority for Warranty & Creditor Services to repair or dispose of my handset providing an assessment has taken place by the authorised repairers. Further, I understand that my policy may be subject to a minimum term and this may be enforced by Warranty & Creditor Services.
  • Warranty & Creditor Services act on behalf of the Insurers in the processing and settling of claims.
  • Thank you for completing the claim form. Like most insurance policies, the insurance you hold requires you to pay part of the costs of the claim. This is called an "excess" and is £75. Your claim cannot be finalised until that payment has been made.

    We will now redirect you to make this payment at Worldpay by debit or credit card.

    Please Note: You will receive confirmation and a copy of this form by email shortly after submitting it. If you do not receive it after 24 hours please call us on 01256 471387.


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